Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I Can Not Stand These Set Of People On Social Media – Popular Actor Seun Jimoh

Seun Jimoh, is known for his bluntness when it comes to controversial issues. The Nollywood actor, sharing a photo of himself with his wife on IG, wrote on the 3 types of people on social media he just can never stand. According to Seun, people who have a knack for the word ‘biko‘ and must input it in any English sentence, are just a no no for him. He wrote: 3 types of people I can’t stand on social media 1. people who put ‘biko’ in an English sentence 🤧🤢 2. people who throw shade at people that are obviously better than them in many ways just to feel better about their own selves🖕 3. people that always have an opinion about how other people live their lives and make personal choices😏 Money can’t buy class!!!

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